Lancaster Based Photographer Calum Lewis

Welcome to the site of Lancaster based photographer Calum Lewis. I’m typically a landscape photographer and can be found mostly taking photos in and around the Lake District, Lancaster, and Morecambe. Feel free to have a browse of my photos throughout my website, in my Journal and on my social media channels (mostly on Instagram). I’ve also got my Print Shop if you’d like to purchase any of my photos. I’m always adding new shots to my Print Shop so keep checking back to see more, and if you like a shot in particular but can’t find it on there, feel free to get in touch directly and ill be happy to arrange for it to be printed.

Print Shop

My print shop is full of my favorite shots taken over the years. I’m always adding new prints so keep checking back for the latest. Below are the newest prints added to the shop. If you have seen a photo of mine elsewhere that you would like printed, feel free to contact me and i’ll be happy to sort it out.