Grim Up North

Grim Up North is a project I have been sort of doing for a while. Since I have moved back to the north-west I have wanted to try and capture the best aspects of the north of the UK. The project is about showcasing the best the north has to offer, whether it’s a Lake District vista, a weekend farmers market or a city skyline I want to try and capture the best parts of the north. The most difficult part of the project is picking what photos to use. I take several photos of the same subject, from slightly different angles, exposures and edits, and each photo has it merits, so choosing only one to represent that subject is hard. I have tried to write a bit about each photo, where it was taken and what makes me like the image.

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Wasdale Head Sunrise, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Wasdale Head

Wasdale head is home to the highest mountain, the deepest lake and the smallest church in England, and is also one of the most beautiful places in the Lakes. The remoteness and difficulty getting there add’s an extra bit of pleasure to the reward of that view, especially at sunrise. This was taken just before sunrise when the colours are at their best.

Elter Water, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Elter Water

Elter Water is a small lake just outside Ambleside, somewhere I have been before but not appreciated the view. We decided to go down here and wait for the sunset one evening and even though the sun didn’t set right behind the Langdale Pikes, the warm glow that shone down was incredible.

Langdale Chase Hotel, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Langdale Chase Hotel

The amount of times I have driven past this view is way too many to count, and considering its on the main road between Windermere and Ambleside I’m sure many people have gone past too. Finally, I decided to stop and photograph the view, and I think I caught it on a perfect day.

Windermere Sunset, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography


Windermere is the largest natural lake (or mere) in England, and boasts some of the finest views too. All round the lake you can get incredible views, but this one of the Langdale Pikes is one of my favourites, especially with a stunning orange sunset. Thanks to the couple who happened to be enjoying the sunset for being my models too (get in touch if you happen to see this!).

Morecambe Bay Sunset, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Morecambe Bay

Famous for its shellfish, Morecambe Bay not only has a fantastic selection of wildlife but some incredible views across the Lake District. I have lived here pretty much my whole life and always enjoyed the sunsets, especially in midsummer when the sun sets right behind the Lake District which leaves an incredible silhouette. I find myself chasing sunsets most nights now, and this one I just managed to catch before it set from Heysham Head.

Holker Hall, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Holker Hall

I don’t think I could have picked a better day to visit Holker Hall. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and the sun perfectly lit up the house and gardens. This shot was taken in early spring, and even then the colours of the flowers were stunning all around.

Ashness Bridge, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Ashness Bridge

This is a pretty popular and well-known place amongst photographers, known for its fantastic views of Skiddaw. It’s another place I have missed on all of my trips but decided to make time for it one day just before sunset. I didn’t have a tripod or tonnes of equipment like all the other photographers there but I’m pretty happy with the results regardless.

Ashton Memorial Sunset, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Ashton Memorial

The Ashton Memorial was built as a memorial to Lord Ashton’s late wife and sits in the beautiful Williamson Park. It can be seen from anywhere in the area and has great views all across Lancaster, Morecambe and beyond. A little-known fact too is that the memorial sits almost exactly at the mathematical centre of Great Britain and Northern Island. This shot isn’t actually from the park but is one that I have been thinking about for months and just waiting for the right sunset to get the sun right behind the memorial.

Heysham port, Grim Up North, CAlum Lewis Photography

Heysham Port

This used to be one of the biggest ports in the north, and still to this day is a main port for imports and exports. The area isn’t very well known on the far side, it’s not obviously accessible and right next to a nuclear power station. The good thing is the views are incredible, you can see right over to Blackpool on a clear day as well as across Morecambe Bay and only the Lake District. For an added extra it’s right where ferries come into the port so you can get really close when they come in and out.

Grizedale Forest, Grim Up North, Calum Lewis Photography

Grizedale Forest

Grizedale is a popular place for walking and mountain biking, known for its beautiful views, forest and small tarns dotted around. I used to visit frequently a lot when I was younger, it’s got great mountain biking trails, and is beautiful to walk around all year. I decided to visit for the first time in years but it was incredibly foggy and wet, although I liked the conditions and my shots came out quite nice regardless.

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