The Park

Williamson Park has been one of my favourite places for a long time. From when I was a kid it was known as Casper’s Castle, due to the Ashton Memorials resemblance to Casper’s house in the film. It’s always been a place I have loved to go and seemed full of mystery since I was young. With its hilly terrain and dense woodland, there are still small areas inside the park that I’m still discovering now. The Ashton Memorial itself is the monument that makes the park well-known. Built by Lord Ashton in 1909 in memory of his second wife, it’s now one of the most well-known locations in Lancaster, being visible from pretty much anywhere in the area. Another interesting point about the memorial is that it lies right on the mathematical centre point of the UK. Although, I doubt this was the original plan. It’s now used as an art gallery as well as hosting many weddings and events and is home to incredible views over Lancaster, Morecambe Bay and right over to the Coniston Fells in the Lake District.


In terms of photography, Williamson Park one of the best places in the area. Thanks to its mixture of open spaces, woodland areas, architecture and stunning views. You can spend 4-5+ hours exploring the park and getting hundreds of shots that all look like they were taken on different days in drastically different locations. Whenever I get new equipment to test out or when I’m having like a creative block, it’s a perfect place to go for some ideas or just a relaxing walk around. The only real major bummer is that the Ashton Memorial closes at around 4-5 depending on the time of year, which means it can be difficult to catch a nice sunset from the elevated balcony to see over the treetops for a full 360 sunset view.

I’m always going to the park and getting new photos so the ones below are just my favourite so far. For more photos around Lancaster and Morecambe check out my galleries page.