Portmeirion is a name I know well. Living in Stoke the pottery is all over the place. Having been when was younger, but long before I could remember, while in Snowdonia it was definitely a place I wanted to visit. I was expecting a colourful little seaside town but was definitely surprised by what we found.

It was like being in an Alice in Wonderland style place, and we had to pay to get in which was also a slight shock. Regardless it was a fantastic place, probably made better by the fact that I wasn’t expecting it at all. In terms of photography, it is certainly somewhere to consider if you are in the area. The architecture and colours are fantastic with a completely different style than anywhere else.

It was only a few weeks after I got back that I heard of the the No. 6 Festival. It’s based at Portmeirion and has some ridiculously good music and comedy acts. Definitely one for next year.


The more we walked the more we found it is pretty much a fully functioning little holiday village. Huge gift shop, tick. An unnecessary number of cafe’s, tick. I was also surprised at how many private homes were nestled among the shops offering unrivaled views across the bay and down to the spa hotel. All in all, it was a surreal but pleasant experience.

The layout of the town (village? theme park? social experiment?) gave itself brilliantly to wide shots. And I do love taking panoramic shots. They are some of my favourites because you don’t really know how they will turn out, and they always capture a better perspective of a landscape. Even in this case, I love how you can see pretty much everything and it’s packed full of colour and texture.

Every nook and cranny were crammed with little details. There were arches and doorways leading everywhere, all framing their own individual view of the bay or village.