The Gardens

Since I started doing photography more seriously than taking pictures of my food on my iPhone, I have been trying to capture stunning landscapes and vistas. The problem with this is you need to continually be going to visit stunning landscapes and vistas, as well as making sure the weather is always right.

So I decided instead of trying to capture the far away, to focus more on the little things. Macro photography is something I have seen and admired and sort of assumed you would need some high-end gear for, but I took the below shots with just my Nikon D3300 and kit lens.

One of the best places close to where I live has got to be Trentham Gardens. It’s an absolutely stunning place with some incredible Italian gardens and old Mediterranean buildings that really makes you stop and remember where you actually are. I visit here as much as I can as it has a great walk around a lake and from season to season the park changes with something new every time I go. But really, you cant beat a clear sunny day to visit. Anyway, I tried something a bit different and the results are below.


I love doing macro on the flowers, blowing them up to look huge on an image really shows off all the tiny little details you would never notice otherwise. It makes them look like other worlds. I haven’t done much macro photography before but seeing images like this really makes me want to do more.