I’m pretty happy with how my photos turned out. I’m used to shooting landscapes and people which tend not to move that much (especially the landscapes). But it was a nice change having to quickly react to fast moving coasters, as well as frequent showers of heavy rain and hiding my camera. I did take 3 cameras in the end; my DLSR, Olympus SLR, and disposable. Annoyingly the SLR film came out completely blank because I’m a film n00b. But thankfully I still had my digital files to fall back on. I also completely forgot I had my disposable so that was a complete waste of time.

Overall I got some interesting shots and am pleased with how they turned out despite the challenge of a new location. Have a look below.

The Pleasure Beach

Ahh Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Its been a while. In fact, its been a while since I have been to any theme park. Most people think it’s because I don’t like rides but its more the fact that I don’t like queues. Don’t get me wrong the rides scare me too, but the thought of standing for an hour and a half or longer for a ride that lasts a matter of minutes seems baffling to me.

A couple of my friends are big theme park fans, and recently I have been playing a computer game called Planet Coaster which is a better version of Rollercoaster Tycoon. So considering now I’m the owner and manager of my own theme park, I thought it best to maybe visit a theme park. You know, for some tips and inspiration. It also helps that theme parks are full of bright, colourful and wonderful things to photograph.

The obvious answer was Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Blackpool is a nice 30-40 min drive from my house and features a good selection of big exciting rides. All without the sheer size of places like Alton Towers where it takes 6 days to walk from one ride to the other (exaggeration). It turned out to be a great day and we had a full day of it, arriving before it opened and leaving well after closing time. We also had a nice range of weather. Raining hard most of the morning and finishing with fairly clear skies and a nice sunset from Blackpool South Pier.