Rediscovering the North

Calum Lewis Line

[one_half]It’s been a while… I haven’t had chance to post much recently, a lot of things have been happening and Christmas is a pretty stressful time so things have got to take a backseat. Photography-wise however, I have been taking even more photos. So in the past few months, I have moved from Stoke back to my hometown of Morecambe. Its a nice place and I have been wanting to move back for a while but considering I have set up my whole life in Stoke, it’s not just a case of getting a job and moving my stuff. Anyway, now I’m back I’m even more excited and inspired to get out photographing everything. I think its one of those things that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone, but that’s how I view Morecambe, now I’m back I’m looking at everything from a different perspective, through a camera lens mainly, and there’s so much to shoot. Not only Morecambe too, I now work in the centre of Lancaster, in the fantastic Storey Insitute, with an incredible view of Lancaster Castle (although at the moment the view is off some scaffolding).[/one_half]

[one_half_last]When I started doing photography I was only really interested in landscapes, then I got interested in macro, then portraits, but now, I have everything on my doorstep, Morecambe has stunning views across the Lake District (with the actual lakes only 30 mins away), but then 10 minutes drive takes you into the middle of a historic city, surrounded by incredible architecture as well as places like Williamson Park that’s home to the Ashton Memorial, in addition to being able to see all across Lancaster and even down to the Lake District on a clear day. The best thing about being back around here is that I’m constantly remembering and finding new places where I have been years ago as a kid, and now wanting to go back to photograph them.[/one_half_last]


Lancaster, Calum Lewis



Lancaster, Calum Lewis


Lancaster, Calum Lewis