Whinlatter Forest at Sunrise Calum Lewis Photography

Whinlatter Forest at Sunrise

A collection of photos from a hike around Whinlatter Forest at sunrise.

stone-jetty-morecambe Calum Lewis Photography

Rediscovering the North

It's been a while... I haven't had chance to post much recently, a lot of things have been happening and Christmas is a pretty stressful time so things have got to take a backseat. Photography-wise however, I have been taking even more photos.

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Learning The Art of Long Exposure

I have always admired long exposure shots, especially ones of the Milky way or other deep space shots. When I first got a DSLR this was one of the things I wanted to do desperately, but obviously when you set out

Portmerion, Snowdonia, Calum Lewis Photography

The Surprise of Portmeirion, Snowdonia

Portmeirion is a name I know well. Living in Stoke the pottery is all over the place. Having been when I was younger, but long before I could remember, while in Snowdonia it was definitely a place I wanted to visit.

Urbex at Froghall Warehouse

Urbex at Froghall Warehouse

This was a place I have driven past many times on my way to the Peak District and always wanted to stop and have a quick look around, so I did. It's not very big just a small building, the rest looks like its been knocked down, but it was interesting to look around nonetheless. I couldn't find any history on the place online but from the looks of things it was a pretty mundane welding factory.