Photo by Josh Ormerod

About Me

Alright, I’m a self-taught landscape photographer living in the North-West of England.

I have been interested in photography for much of my life, but only really took an active interest in the last 5 years or so. It started like everyone, photographing the landscapes closest to me, which at the time was the Peak District. It’s a place I really enjoyed learning photography and getting to grips with my new camera. In the early days, I photographed everything I did and always carried my camera with me, but always found I enjoyed landscapes the most and have since narrowed my genre somewhat. I have since moved my employment to the Lake District, which is, of course, a great location for landscapes and photography. It’s in the Lake District where I spend most of my free time hiking and photographing through the various mountains, fells, valleys and cafes in all sorts of conditions.

I’m particularly interested in wide panoramic images and spend much of my time photographing in this style, which is unfortunate in the smartphone generation.

I spend most of my remaining free time cooking, so often will take pictures of food and drink when I need a break from the mountains. You can see some of my food photography on Unsplash.

I’m not an avid social media user, but post most of my landscape work on Instagram where you can follow me if you wish. I’m always happy to sell prints of any of my photos. If you’re interested in any feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and ill be happy to help.

Nice one.